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In 2013, five musicians from the Even Keel and 49North bands joined up for a one-off gig, and discovered a musical chemistry which led to the formation of 6Degrees.  Influenced by legendary artists ranging from Burt Bachrach and Stevie Wonder through to contemporaries including Sade and Sting, the band's unique sound is both energetic and uplifting.

Their vast repertoire includes jazzed-up versions of many classic tunes, primarily from the '60s and '70s, as well as contemporary and classic jazz standards.  Arrangements are adapted to suit the venue and occasion, ranging from quiet background in a small setting through to high-energy performances in large halls and outdoor venues.

6Degrees' shows span a wide range of venues and public or private occasions.  With a strong penchant for supporting community and social causes, they are frequent performers at public events including annual performances at Abbotsford's Run for Water and International China Concern's Walk the Wall fundraisers.

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