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Robin Ellis


An interesting guy if only for his vast array of interests, from music to diving to trail running. He loves the water and taking pictures and videos of what’s underneath it, or going for a run on a mountain trail through the mud with a friend, and of course playing music with the band. “To just hang out, watch a movie, and just be with friends or family is really where it’s at”, says Rob. “We live too fast and need to take a breath and feel life’s groove.”

Bassist Robin creates the grooves with a style that’s complex, yet simple and groovy, and tasty all the time. Father to drummer Cole, this solid family rhythm section goes note for beat, turning the funk on, walking the blues and digging deep. Robins experience with various Jazz, rock, country and blues bands supports the 6Degrees foundation. He is both band “Techie” and musician.

By day Rob is a Technical Sales professional for a leading global telecom supplier, and off hours he’s PADI Master Instructor and service tech, contract sound engineer, and of course, bassist. His favorite saying is "Why do we never have time to do it right, but always have time to do it over?”

Check out Rob’s dive videos on his youtube channel “ScubaBass1", or his web page at ScubaBass.Com

Gear:  Mark Bass amplification, Ken Smith basses, EBS pedals


Ron Kinders

Saxophones, Electronic Wind Instruments, Percussion

Every once in a while, we have to admit that dad was right.  When a mere 14, Ron had to decide between drama, band, or art.  Drama was just too full of, well, drama.  Art got the call, but Dad said "no way! Your taking band and learning sax".  This was the beginning of Ron's passion and pursuit of playing the sax. All the fans of 6 Degrees thank Dad for that wise parental advice. 


With a style reminiscent of Jay Beckenstein, Grover Washington jr, and Tom Scott, Ron creates the tasty lead lines and solo work that gives 6 Degrees its stylishly melodic appeal.  With flare for the complex, yet milking those long tasty notes, its sweet seduction every time he picks up a sax.  Ron brings a wealth of experience to 6 Degrees, both in studio and on stage playing everything from jazz in small combos, to funk, blues, and rock and even throw in a few large "big bands" playing the tunes of the swing era to round it out.  All that and partnering with his musical collaborator, and fellow 6 Degrees founding musician, and friend, Dave Wilkinson, for over 40 years


Now a family man, Ron is a graduate of UBC’s Music Education program and Mathematics. He puts all that to good work as a Professional Accountant and musician;  two things that don’t normally go together, but Ron makes it work.

Gear:  Selmer Saxophones, Akai EWI


Brian Kinniston

Keyboards, Saxophones

Brian began his musical journey through classical organ and piano training after, at the age of five, he saw a piano player on the television and told his parents, “I want to learn how to do that” – through working with different teachers and musicians, he began to expand into the realms of jazz, blues, and contemporary worship music. 


Taking up the saxophone and clarinet in high-school, and the bass in university at SFU, Brian went on to play saxophone with the Saxalamode Saxophone Quartet, Impressions Big Band, and the Off The Edge quartet, as well as keyboard with the Even Keel Band.  Brian connected with Robin and Cole through Even Keel, an ensemble which performed extensively as well as released the album “Fresh”, eventually coming to join 6 Degrees.


Brian is the English Department Head at Richmond Christian School where he teaches senior English and Psychology, as well as coaches badminton.  While not a golfer per se, he does enjoy chasing a little while ball around golf courses and hitting it with a stick, as well as reading, playing badminton, and drinking coffee.


Gear: Nord Electro 6HP Keyboard, B&S and Cannonball Saxophones


Dave Wilkinson


Dave's musical journey began at a young age when he would sit at the family piano and try to interpret the songs he was hearing on the radio.   After a few years of piano lessons he took a keen interest in learning guitar.  Numerous garage bands followed through high school and college, with Dave playing keyboards, guitar, or bass.  Through these years he developed a love for contemporary jazz and blues, being influenced by various artists including The Allman Brothers Band, Chicago, Spyro Gyra, Herbie Hancock, and George Benson.

In 1978 Dave met Ron Kinders and they discovered a mutual passion for contemporary jazz fusion; beginning a musical partnership which has spanned four decades and numerous bands and projects, including 6 Degrees.

Dave is a business executive and consultant, specializing in Information Technology operations.  When not working, he spends as much as possible hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing in the Vancouver area.

Equipment:  Ibanez and Godin guitars, Fender amplification, and Boss effects.


Joy Kragh


Joy’s career as a singer started at a very young age. From a family of six girls headed up by a music teacher father, Joy and her sisters had ample opportunity to learn and practice music and performing skills. As early as seven age she was on stage singing, and it didn’t take her long to learn harmonies or take the lead. She also took piano lessons and through school, learned to play the saxophone and be a part of singing groups. All of these experiences led to Joy’s love and appreciation of music.


Later, at Capilano College’s Jazz program, Joy went on to double major in vocals and sax. Although she decided to finish her degree and continue on to SFU’s Education program, she has always considered jazz to be one of her greatest joys and passions. 


By day a mom and elementary school teacher from the Fraser Valley, she brings a wealth of talent and experience to the stage in her own stylized blend of powerful jazz vocal arrangements. A singer, song writer, and arranger, when she’s not belting out the lead on vocals, you might just find the multi-talented Joy behind the keys or on the sax.


Cole Ellis

Drums, Percussion

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